OIOUBL version 2.1 Online Validator

Ver: Hotfix 1.13.2 inkl. UTS 2.1

On this page you can test the validity of an OIOUBL document.

How to validate a document
  1. Choose your document using the browse button and click validate.
  2. First the document structure is validated against the XSD schemas. The result is displayed in the "Result of schema validation (XSD)" textbox.
  3. Next the business rule test is applied using the schematron validation. The result is displayed in the "Result of schematron validation (xslt)" textbox.
  4. Finally the status field is updated with the status of the entire validation.
Browse to OIOUBL 2.1 document to validate.
Click Validate to validate the document.
Status No result yet
The Document
Result of schema validation (XSD)
Result of schematron validation (xslt)