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Catalogue.CatalogueLine specification

Name Catalogue.CatalogueLine (Show as PDF) Alternative Term  
Definition En kataloglinje er et katalogs grundlæggende element, dvs. noget, der kan købes. A catalogue line is the basic element of a catalogue, i. e. an item


UBL-Name Name Datatype Usage Cardinality
ID ID Identifier Yes 1
ActionCode ActionCode Code Yes 1
LifeCycleStatusCode LifeCycleStatusCode Code Yes 0..1
ContractSubdivision ContractSubdivision Text Yes 0..1
Note Note Text Yes 0..n
OrderableIndicator OrderableIndicator Indicator Yes 1
OrderableUnit OrderableUnit Text Yes 0..1
ContentUnitQuantity ContentUnitQuantity Quantity Yes 1
OrderQuantityIncrementNumeric OrderQuantityIncrementNumeric Numeric Yes 0..1
MinimumOrderQuantity MinimumOrderQuantity Quantity Yes 0..1
MaximumOrderQuantity MaximumOrderQuantity Quantity Yes 0..1
WarrantyInformation WarrantyInformation Text Bilateral 0..n
PackLevelCode PackLevelCode Code Bilateral 0..1

Subclasses in class Catalogue.CatalogueLine

UBL-Name Name Usage Cardinality Reference to the printed documentation See also
ContractorCustomerParty ContractorCustomerParty Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.27 OIOUBL_GUIDE_CATALOGUE_PARTIES
SellerSupplierParty SellerSupplierParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.100 OIOUBL_GUIDE_CATALOGUE_PARTIES
WarrantyParty WarrantyParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.70  
WarrantyValidityPeriod WarrantyValidityPeriod Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.78  
LineValidityPeriod LineValidityPeriod Yes 0..1 Common Library, 3.78  
ItemComparison ItemComparison Bilateral 0..1 3.6.1  
ComponentRelatedItem ComponentRelatedItem Bilateral 0..n 3.6.2  
AccessoryRelatedItem AccessoryRelatedItem Bilateral 0..n 3.6.3  
RequiredRelatedItem RequiredRelatedItem Bilateral 0..n 3.6.4  
ReplacementRelatedItem ReplacementRelatedItem Bilateral 0..n 3.6.5 OIOUBL_GUIDE_CATALOGUE_ITEMDESCR
ComplementaryRelatedItem ComplementaryRelatedItem Bilateral 0..n 3.6.6  
RequiredItemLocationQuantity RequiredItemLocationQuantity Yes 0..n 3.6.7  
Item Item Yes 1 3.6.8  

Excluded classes and fields in Catalogue.CatalogueLine

Name Name Type
DocumentReference DocumentReference Class


<cac:CatalogueLine >
<cbc:ID >SUB-53478965</cbc:ID>
<cbc:ActionCode listSchemeURI="urn:oioubl:codelist:catalogueactioncode-1.0" >ADD</cbc:ActionCode>
<cbc:Note />
<cbc:OrderableIndicator >true</cbc:OrderableIndicator>
<cbc:OrderableUnit >EA</cbc:OrderableUnit>
<cbc:ContentUnitQuantity unitCode="EA" >1</cbc:ContentUnitQuantity>
+ <cac:LineValidityPeriod />
+ <cac:RequiredItemLocationQuantity />
+ <cac:Item />