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Identification urn:oioubl:codelist:substitutionstatuscode-1.1
Short name SubstitutionStatusCode
Description SubstitutionStatusCode for Denmark
Version 1.1
CanonicalUri urn:oioubl:codelist:substitutionstatuscode
CanonicalVersionUri urn:oioubl:codelist:substitutionstatuscode-1.1
Last modified 26-03-2007


Value Abbreviation Short Description Long Description
DeliveryDateChanged DeliveryDateChanged Delivery date changed Delivery date changed
DeliveryDateNotPossible DeliveryDateNotPossible Delivery date not possible Delivery date not possible
DeliveryPartyUnknown DeliveryPartyUnknown Delivery Party unknown Delivery Party unknown
ItemDeleted ItemDeleted Item deleted Item deleted
ItemNotFound ItemNotFound Item not found Item not found
ItemNotInAssortment ItemNotInAssortment Item not in assortment Item not in assortment
ItemReplaced ItemReplaced Item replaced Item replaced
ItemTemporarilyUnavailable ItemTemporarilyUnavailable Item temporarily unavailable Item temporarily unavailable
NewAnnouncement NewAnnouncement New Item not yet available New Item not yet available
OrderedQuantityChanged OrderedQuantityChanged Ordered quantity changed Ordered quantity changed
OrderLineRejected OrderLineRejected Order Line rejected Order Line rejected
Original Original The original Order Line The original Order Line
SeasonalItemUnavailable SeasonalItemUnavailable Seasonal Item – unavailable Seasonal Item – unavailable
Substitution Substitution A substituted Order Line A substituted Order Line