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Identification urn:oioubl:codelist:discrepancyresponsecode-1.1
Short name DiscrepancyResponseCode
Description DiscrepancyResponseCode for Denmark
Version 1.1
CanonicalUri urn:oioubl:codelist:discrepancyresponsecode
CanonicalVersionUri urn:oioubl:codelist:discrepancyresponsecode-1.1
Last modified 26-03-2007


Value Abbreviation Short Description Long Description
Billing1 Billing1 Duplicate billing Duplicate billing
Billing2 Billing2 Wrong amount billed Wrong amount billed
Billing3 Billing3 Rebate / Financial compensation Rebate / Financial compensation
Condition1 Condition1 In a condition other than described on the supporting documentation In a condition other than described on the supporting documentation
Condition2 Condition2 Expired shelf life Item Expired shelf life Item
Condition3 Condition3 Damaged Item Damaged Item
Condition4 Condition4 Incomplete Item received Incomplete Item received
Condition5 Condition5 Incorrect Item Incorrect Item
Condition6 Condition6 Unacceptable substitute Item Unacceptable substitute Item
Delivery1 Delivery1 Over-delivery Over-delivery
Delivery2 Delivery2 Under-delivery Under-delivery
Delivery3 Delivery3 Return of goods Return of goods
Quality1 Quality1 Item quality deficiency Item quality deficiency
Quality2 Quality2 Item quality defect Item quality defect
ZZZ ZZZ Mutually defined Mutually defined