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RemittanceAdviceLine specification

Name RemittanceAdviceLine (Show as PDF) Alternative Term  


UBL-Name Name Datatype Usage Cardinality
ID ID Identifier Bilateral 1
Note Note Text Bilateral 0..1
UUID UUID Identifier Bilateral 0..1
DebitLineAmount DebitLineAmount Amount Bilateral 0..1
CreditLineAmount CreditLineAmount Amount Bilateral 0..1
BalanceAmount BalanceAmount Amount Bilateral 0..1

Subclasses in class RemittanceAdviceLine

UBL-Name Name Usage Cardinality Reference to the printed documentation See also
AccountingSupplierParty AccountingSupplierParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.100  
AccountingCustomerParty AccountingCustomerParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.27  
BuyerCustomerParty BuyerCustomerParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.27  
SellerSupplierParty SellerSupplierParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.100  
OriginatorCustomerParty OriginatorCustomerParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.27  
PayeeParty PayeeParty Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.70  
InvoicePeriod InvoicePeriod Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.78  
BillingReference BillingReference Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.6  
DocumentReference DocumentReference Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.36  
ExchangeRate ExchangeRate Bilateral 0..1 Common Library, 3.40