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Order.Contract.ContractDocumentReference specification

Name Order.Contract.ContractDocumentReference (Show as PDF) Alternative Term OIOUBL_GUIDE_DOCUMENTREF
Definition Information about a Document referred to in another Document


UBL-Name Name Datatype Usage Cardinality
ID ID Identifier Yes 1
CopyIndicator CopyIndicator Indicator Bilateral 0..1
UUID UUID Identifier Yes 0..1
IssueDate IssueDate Date Yes 0..1
XPath XPath Text Yes 0..n

Subclasses in class Order.Contract.ContractDocumentReference

UBL-Name Name Usage Cardinality Reference to the printed documentation See also
Attachment Attachment Yes 0..1  

Excluded classes and fields in Order.Contract.ContractDocumentReference

Name Name Type
DocumentTypeCode DocumentTypeCode Field
DocumentType DocumentType Field


<cac:ContractDocumentReference >
<cbc:ID >123</cbc:ID>
<cbc:UUID >6E09886B-DC6E-439F-82D1-7CCAC7F4E3B1</cbc:UUID>
<cbc:IssueDate >2007-02-20</cbc:IssueDate>
<cbc:DocumentType >Order</cbc:DocumentType>
+ <cac:Attachment />