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CertificateOfOriginApplication specification

Name CertificateOfOriginApplication (Show as PDF) Alternative Term  
Definition A document that contains information of CO applicantion.


UBL-Name Name Datatype Usage Cardinality
ReferenceID ReferenceID Identifier Bilateral 1
CertificateType CertificateType Text Bilateral 1
ApplicationStatusCode ApplicationStatusCode Code Bilateral 0..1
OriginalJobID OriginalJobID Identifier Bilateral 1
PreviousJobID PreviousJobID Identifier Bilateral 0..1
Remarks Remarks Text Bilateral 0..1

Subclasses in class CertificateOfOriginApplication

UBL-Name Name Usage Cardinality Reference to the printed documentation See also
Shipment Shipment Bilateral 1 Common Library, 3.94  
EndorserParty EndorserParty Bilateral 1..n Common Library, 3.39  
PreparationParty PreparationParty Bilateral 1 Common Library, 3.70  
IssuerParty IssuerParty Bilateral 1 Common Library, 3.70  
IssuingCountry IssuingCountry Bilateral 1 Common Library, 3.24  
DocumentDistribution DocumentDistribution Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.35  
SupportingDocumentReference SupportingDocumentReference Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.36  
Signature Signature Bilateral 0..n Common Library, 3.96